Snowmobile Accidents

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Snowmobiling is a favorite pastime in Maine, with tens of thousands of vehicles exploring thousands of miles of trails. Snowmobilers, however, must keep safety in mind. Snowmobile accidents can lead to serious personal injury, particularly when emergency crews have a long way to travel to reach the accident victim. In some cases the accident may be the result of a dangerous consumer product, if a defect in the manufacturing or assembly of the vehicle was at fault. In other cases, a pedestrian accident occurs because of an irresponsible driver.

The passengers aboard a snow machine have a certain responsibility to act with prudence and safety, just like passengers on an ATV or motorcycle. However, if they are injured by the operator's recklessness, they may have a claim against that operator.

Common snowmobile injuries

Some common snowmobile injuries include:

Snowmobile safety tips

The following are safety tips for snowmobilers to reduce risk of injury:

Snowmobile brands

The following are some snowmobile brands:

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