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A serious car accident in Sanford can be devastating. Since 1974, we have represented clients injured in car wrecks throughout Maine. We know how an accident that happens due to someone else's reckless behavior can turn a life upside down. If you were injured, you may face an overwhelming ordeal, from pain and suffering to skyrocketing bills. You deserve an attorney who knows how to negotiate a fair settlement or take your case to a jury if necessary so you can get the money and benefits you need.

We are here for injury victims in Sanford and in towns and cities across Maine. Whether you were in a rear-end collision, a hit-and-run or any type of car wreck, our experienced Sanford accident lawyers can help you pick up the pieces. We are committed to helping clients pursue the maximum compensation they are entitled to receive under Maine law. Call Joe today for a free consultation.

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Accidents in Sanford, Maine can result in serious injury and significant property damage. Insurance companies may try to low-ball a settlement or deny your claim altogether. At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, our Sanford accident attorneys are not intimidated by the insurance companies. We use our experience and resources to get clients the results they deserve. Our personal injury lawyers in Sanford can skillfully negotiate a favorable settlement or take a case to trial if it's in the best interest of the client.

Serious injuries from car accidents in Sanford can range from back and neck injury to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, and even death. Individuals and their families deserve to be compensated for their losses. Since 1974, we have helped 25,000 Mainers collect more than $500 million in settlements and benefits.

Our car accident lawyers in Sanford have experience preparing wrongful death lawsuits if necessary. We know how to fight to make sure families get compensation for their losses after a loved one has died due to negligence.

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How a Sanford car accident lawyer can help

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, or a loved one was killed in a car accident in Sanford, you deserve an experienced and aggressive lawyer on your side. Let a car accident lawyer in Sanford help you with your options. Call Joe today for a free consultation. At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, we mean business. Call or contact us online today.