Maritime Injuries/ Boat Injuries

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If you have been injured on a vessel at sea, you need the aggressive representation of the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein. We know how to take control of the insurance claim process. We will fight to get our clients everything they deserve. Vessels at sea include a boat, ship or a yacht. If you are a boat operator, dock owner, or crew member who has sustained injury at sea, you deserve justice.

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If you are a sailor or other maritime worker who suffered an injury at sea, in most cases you will not be covered by state workers' compensation. An exception would be if the injury occurs in the territorial waters of a state. If you are injured outside of territorial waters, you may have to file a claim under the Jones Act and general maritime law to be paid for your injuries.

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Seamen have rights under federal maritime law which allows them to hold responsible parties liable for maritime injuries they receive. The boat does not even need to have left the dock for the boat operator or owner to have assumed certain responsibilities for the safety of those aboard, including the passengers.

Those who may qualify for compensation include, but are not limited to, workers or passengers on:

From our fabled Maine coastline we have seen many maritime injuries arise, including:

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