Snowmobile Safety Handbook

Free Snowmobile Safety Handbook

Snowmobile Safety Handbook

The freedom of snowmobiling can be found on over 14,000 miles of trails throughout our beautiful state of Maine. However, at our law firm, we see firsthand the end results of snowmobile accidents. On average, approximately eight fatalities occur each year in Maine with many more injuries.

As personal injury attorneys, we know the risks snowmobilers face on the trails. Often, it's other riders who are responsible for an accident due to driver inattention. That's why we created our free Snowmobile Safety Handbook to help educate Mainers on snowmobile safety.

Don't let a momentary lapse in judgment ruin your day on the trails. We encourage those who snowmobile to enjoy the great outdoors and to remember these important safety tips to help make sure their next ride is a safe ride.


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