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It is a sad fact that drunk drivers kill two Americans every hour. Fatalities are especially common if the drunk driver is operating a tractor-trailer or other truck that strikes a smaller passenger car or motorcycle. Thousands of drunk-driving victims sustain serious injuries, including:

Damages can be sought in a drunk-driving case

A lawyer can pursue several types of damages in a drunk-driving settlement. For example, the supplier of alcohol may be partly liable. Courts may consider damages such as future loss of wages as result of the injuries.

Here in our Maine communities, the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein seeks to raise awareness among high school students and prevent drunk driving through our Arrive Alive program.

Victims of drunk-driving accidents deserve justice. Call Joe today.

Overcoming a serious injury from a drunk-driving accident can be difficult. We believe that getting justice shouldn't be. We understand what you and your family are going through and are ready to help. If you have suffered any type of personal injury, even a loss as extreme as wrongful death, turn to an experienced attorney who knows Maine laws and knows how to win. Call Joe now at 1-866-275-4563 or contact us via email. The initial consultation is free. We don't get paid until you win.