Getting Your Medical Bills Paid if Injured

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Turn to the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein for guidance to get through the reimbursement process and tell them you mean business: 1-866-275-4563.

It can be stressful to wait until a case is fully resolved before your medical bills are paid for, especially if your bills continue to mount due to rehabilitation, prescription pain medicines, or other ongoing costs. However, that is usually how matters proceed.

Some of the details we can help you work out include:

  • Determining if you have a Medical Payments Coverage rider on your policy that may allow you to make a claim against your own coverage to pay your medical bills as they are incurred.
  • Determining if your employer-provided health insurance applies toward paying for the medical treatment you have had as a result of your injury.
  • Determining if the at-fault motorist's Liability Insurance entitles you to make a claim for medical expenses and other damages, such as lost wages or physical impairment.

Auto accidents can happen to anyone. Our experienced team of attorneys can help if you or a loved one is a victim. Call Joe today.

Car accident injuries can make life seem unfair. You didn't ask for this to happen. In more than over 45 years of practicing personal injury law, we have emerged as a law firm with an unyielding dedication to our clients in a caring, honest, and ethical way, all the time remaining sensitive and attentive to the special personal needs of each individual.

Injured in an auto accident? Call us before you contact the insurance company!

Call Joe now at 1-866-275-4563 or contact us via email. The initial consultation is free, and we don't get paid until you win.

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