Contributory Factors in Auto Accidents

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More and more often these days, driver distraction is behind an accident. People texting while driving can be just as reckless as a drunk driver. Failure to pay attention frequently leads to a rear-end collision when the distracted driver doesn't slow or stop in time.

If the person who caused the accident was driving another party's vehicle, the owner may be liable for negligent entrustment of that vehicle. Other legal matters common to car accidents include hit and run or an uninsured driver.

Accidents sometimes happen that are beyond anyone's control. For instance, a tree may fall in the road as traffic is approaching, causing a crash. But if the accident is caused by a reckless or negligent driver, that is a contributory factor. You have a right to seek compensation for your injury - a right that we will fight hard to protect.

Common contributory factors in auto accidents

Other contributory factors that often play a role include:

Automobile accidents can wreak havoc on someone's life, especially when injuries and financial setbacks are the result.

All across Maine, automobile accidents can turn our client's lives upside-down, especially when the accident is caused by someone else driving negligently. But your rights are firmly rooted in the law. We can help you get back on your feet. Our experienced attorneys can help with insurance claims, police reports, gathering witness statements, or anything else necessary to support your personal injury case.

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