Steps to Follow if an Automobile Accident Occurs

Automobile accidents can be disorienting. Here are some simple steps to follow

We want you to be prepared if you are in an accident. We invite you to print out this list and keep it in your glove compartment for reference.

  1. Stop immediately
    Maine law states that if the vehicle you are driving is involved in an accident, you must stop at the accident scene.
  2. Assist the injured, protect the scene
    If anyone is injured, immediately make arrangement for a doctor or ambulance to come to the scene. Do not try to move the injured persons, as this may result in further injury.
  3. Call the police
    Call the police immediately so an official accident report can be filed. Unless you are injured, stay at the scene and cooperate with the officer.
  4. Do not make comments to anyone but police
    Give no statement, oral or written, to anyone except the police officer investigating your accident. Keep your accident notes and information to yourself. Do not admit to or sign anything, even if you think you are at fault.
  5. Gather the facts. Any significant detail may be of assistance to you when the case is ready to move to trial or settlement talks.
    • Keep a diary of all significant details; keep track of how you feel from day to day and any lack of capabilities that may arise as a result of your injury.
    • Record physical evidence of the accident scene, such as the position of the cars or length of skid marks.
    • Make a list of damaged property; take photographs whenever possible.
    • Document your bodily injuries; take photographs if injuries are visible.
    • Keep track of all doctor visits and prescriptions.
    • Keep track of all interactions you have with insurance companies/adjusters.
  6. Record witness information
    Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses who may have important information about the accident.
  7. Call your lawyer and insurance company
    Contact your lawyer and report the accident to your insurance company within 24 hours. You should be cautious of any person who offers to adjust your case or tries to hurry you into a settlement.
  8. See a doctor
    Have a physician examine you as soon as possible. Even if, at the moment, you are not bleeding or in pain, the accident can be the cause of serious and costly health problems at a later date.
  9. Pay nothing
    Do not make any payment to the other party involved in the accident or commit to any future payment.

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