Personal Injury Law, Plain and Simple

Personal injury law creates a means for someone to be compensated for a loss they've incurred due to the careless, negligent, intentional, or reckless acts of another party. The types of loss considered to qualify as a personal injury can be a physical injury, emotional trauma, damage to property, or a combination of these things.

What is "liability"?

Liability is the measure of a party's responsibility or obligation in the event of an accident or other source of personal injury. The degree of liability determines the extent the party may be required to compensate you for appropriate damages and applies whether the party's acts are intentional or negligent.

What are "damages"?

Damages describe the monetary compensation an injured party may be owed. Insurance coverage, which is commonly involved in injuries such as auto accidents or slip and falls, only compensates for very narrow, specific losses.

Personal injury law is important for the ways it enables victims to recover damages for their broader loss, such as time they have lost from work, or the pain and suffering they have endured.

What is a "statute of limitations"?

Most personal injury cases have a statute of limitations that sets a certain time limit for recovering damages. It can be crucial to promptly seek expert legal counsel so that your settlement is not diminished or negated by failure to meet these time limits.

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