Tractor Trailer Injuries

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A truck accident can destroy your quality of life in a matter of seconds. Tractor trailer injuries from the accident can be severe. The time is now to choose an experienced attorney who can make sure your rights are protected. Call 1-866-275-4563. Let the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein fight for the compensation you deserve.

Semi trucks can be up to 30 times larger than a typical passenger car. When two cars collide at moderate or slow speeds, the drivers may be able to exchange information and walk away from the auto accident.

In a similar accident involving a tractor trailer, the people in the passenger car unfortunately may be taken away by ambulance while the truck driver walks away without a scratch. The sheer weight and size of a big rig can create significant and potentially deadly forces in a truck crash. Unfortunately, safety features such as airbags and seatbelts may not provide enough protection for drivers and passengers in 18-wheeler crashes.

Common tractor trailer injuries

The following are a few examples of serious tractor trailer injuries:

You need attorneys who can aggressively pursue compensation and benefits for your tractor trailer injuries. A tractor trailer injury victim may need extensive therapy and rehabilitation. At the same time, the victim may be facing skyrocketing medical expenses and a loss of income, in addition to other potential losses.

At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, we can consult with medical professionals and other experts who can show how the injury has affected your entire life. We can thoroughly investigate the accident and bring to light any negligence on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. We put experience and resources to work for our clients so they can get the maximum compensation they are entitled to receive under Maine law.

If you have lost a loved one in a semi truck accident, an attorney with our firm can advise you about your legal options, which may involve a wrongful death lawsuit.

We understand how your life can change forever as a result of a tractor trailer injury. Our attorneys are here to fight for you and protect your rights.

Choose an attorney who understands what you're going through. We have years of experience helping people just like you get the justice they deserve. If you have suffered a significant trauma that has brought physical and emotional pain, don't hesitate to get in touch with a tough-minded lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein. It is our job to see that you are treated fairly after sustaining a tractor trailer injury.

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