Rear-End Truck Accidents

Fighting for victims of rear-end truck accidents in Maine

A rear-end accident involving a fully loaded 18-wheeler and a smaller passenger vehicle can lead to catastrophic injuries. A rear-end truck accident typically involves a significant transfer of energy from the truck to the smaller vehicle. The occupants absorb the energy, which can mean spinal cord injuries, traumatic head injuries and even fatal injuries that may be a precursor to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Causes of Truck Accidents:
Drug or Alcohol Use, Lack of Driver Training, Driver Fatigued or Asleep at the Wheel, Failure to Maintain Truck, Speeding

Experienced professional truckers should know that they need more distance to stop than does a driver of a passenger vehicle. In most instances, a truck driver who rear-ends another car is liable. If you or a loved one was injured after being rear-ended by an 18-wheeler or other type of commercial truck, don't hesitate to contact an experienced truck accident attorney in Maine. Call Joe today: 1-866-275-4563 for a free consultation.

How a rear-end truck accident can happen

Rear-end crashes involving semi trucks typically occur when highway traffic has slowed due to construction projects, an accident, or rush hour traffic. The truck driver may be distracted and not noticing that traffic has slowed down. Our Maine rear-end truck accident attorneys can investigate the cause of the crash. Was the trucker texting while driving? Was the driver operating under the influence (DUI)? If a negligent factor played a role in the accident, we will fight hard to get to the bottom of the matter and hold the responsible individual or entity accountable.

Contact a truck accident attorney in Maine

If you were injured in a semi truck rear-end collision, you need a skilled attorney at your side to fight relentlessly to recover damages. At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, tough-minded Maine attorneys are prepared to put resources and experience to work for accident victims. Don't let the insurance company decide what happens next. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation. Tell them you mean business.