Texting While Driving Truckers

A Maine lawyer can fight for victims of texting and driving trucking accidents

Texting and driving accidents are a relatively new problem on the roads in Maine. Maine law makes it illegal for drivers to send or receive text messages under the distracted-driving law. Truckers also face federal laws banning texting while driving. In January 2010, the federal government formally barred truckers and bus drivers from sending text messages while driving. The legislation is part of a growing effort to make laws to eliminate the threat of distracted drivers.

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Text messaging and driving: a deadly combination

It should go without saying that truck drivers who choose to text while driving are much more likely to cause accidents than those who do not. Driving a commercial truck is challenging enough even when the driver's full attention is on the road, let alone when the trucker is distracted by a phone screen.

Through no fault of your own, you can suddenly sustain a serious injury in a tractor-trailer crash because a driver was looking at a texting device instead of looking at the road.

A Maine truck accident lawyer can fight to protect your rights if you were injured due to a truck driver who was texting while driving.

Texting and driving by truckers should not be tolerated. Call Joe now.

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