Injuries to Children

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Contact us at 1-866-275-4563 right away if your child has been injured due to another's negligence. The potentially far-reaching effects of their injury on their long-term health should be carefully examined by someone experienced in Maine child injury cases. Often there are factors unique to children's injuries which allow for recovery of compensation.

The determination of a negligent act when injuries to children are involved depends significantly on whether the property owner could reasonably expect a child to be in an area where the condition of the property poses a risk, such as a swimming pool or playground structure.

Other common causes of childhood injury are dog bites, auto accidents, medical malpractice, and fall-down accidents.

The law treats injuries to children with special deference, as the burden of ensuring their safety is greater on the property owner given children's inability to reasonably assess danger or possibly read warnings.

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A child's injuries can make life seem cruel. Nobody asked for this to happen. In 50 years of practicing personal injury law, we have emerged as a law firm with an unyielding dedication to our clients in a caring, honest, and ethical way, all the time remaining sensitive and attentive to the special personal needs of each individual.

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