Negligent Acts

Injuries from a negligent act call for experienced legal representation

Many personal injury cases arise from the actions of two or more parties, particularly in cases involving the security or maintenance of a property.

Other types of professional negligence may be connected to financial or other assets that are not adequately protected. Even when no physical harm or loss occurs, emotional distress or other trauma can be recognized as an injury resulting from negligence.

Recognizing negligence

Negligence generally applies when a person fails to exercise reasonable care to prevent harm or loss in circumstances where harm or loss to person or property could be reasonably foreseen. This type of reckless inaction can apply in many situations, including:

Sometimes insurance companies will try to make it appear that the victim of injury was responsible for what happened in an effort to reduce the damages they're entitled to. One argument insurance companies make is comparative fault, meaning the plaintiff did not do enough to avoid harm or did not exercise appropriate caution. Under Maine's modified comparative negligence rule, if the victim was less than 50 percent at fault, a percentage of responsibility may be applied to a settlement to reduce the damages recovered.

These factors make it all the more important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

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