Joint Liability of Two or More Negligent Individuals

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Auto accidents or premises liability injuries can involve complex circumstances in which more than one party has responsibility for the injury or loss. Let the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein take control of the situation by aggressively pursuing the compensation you are owed, no matter how complicated the legal scenario.

When there is no clear division of the liability, the parties are considered jointly and severally liable to the plaintiff for his or her injuries. Circumstances where joint liability applies might include events such as:

  • Vehicle A swerves to right to go around Vehicle B which is blocking roadway. Vehicle C is in oncoming lane and swerves to left towards Vehicle A; Vehicles A and C collide head-on in the center of the road. Vehicles B and C are jointly and severally liable for the injuries to driver of Vehicle A.
  • Vehicle B strikes Vehicle A which pulls over to right to inspect damage. While Vehicle A is stopped, it is struck by Vehicle C. Vehicles B and C are jointly and severally liable for the injuries to driver of Vehicle A.

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