Slip and Fall Accidents

Our experienced attorneys will fight for you when slip-and-fall accidents affect your family

Mainers are used to tough conditions. But even Mainers can be overwhelmed by insurance company bureaucracy if they've been injured. We know what the big insurance companies are up to, and we're up to the challenge. Tell them you mean business: call 1-866-275-4563 right away.

The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein is experienced in handling all types of fall down accident cases, including cases governed by general premises liability laws and others that may have specific regulations such as a road paving or construction accidents.

How slip and fall accidents happen

Slip and fall accidents stem from various root causes, including, but not limited to:

  • Hazardous conditions, such as uneven or slippery surfaces and insufficient lighting.
  • Unsafe stairways, such as lacking suitable railings, adequate lighting, or passable width
  • Hazards or obstacles in sidewalks or walkways.
  • Failure to care for weather-related conditions, such as snow or ice.

Slip and fall accidents may occur in the following locations:

  • Supermarkets
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Department stores

An ordinary set of stairs outside a business, a government office, or in your own neighborhood can pose a serious risk to your health, ranging from broken bones to injuries that require surgery or even spinal cord injuries.

If you slip and fall due to another person's negligence, you deserve justice. Call Joe today.

Having a slip and fall accident suddenly affect how you live your life doesn't change your values. You simply want to be treated fairly. If the intentional actions or negligence of another person have caused injury to you or someone you love, or have led to damaged property, we can help you seek compensation.

Call Joe today at 1-866-275-4563. There is no fee or obligation for an initial consultation. And if we take your case, we don't get paid until you win. You have rights; we're ready to help. Contact our offices right away.

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