Professional Negligence Resulting in Injury or Loss

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Mainers understand hard work done right. That can make professional negligence cases particularly upsetting. When you rely on a licensed professional's expertise for a specified service, you expect them to meet their obligation.

Professional negligence applies when that person conducts his or her job in a manner that fails to meet a standard of care to be reasonably expected of someone with his or her credentials and that failure leads to injury or property loss. You have the right to expect doctors and other licensed professionals to deliver their services safely and competently. You shouldn't have to accept a surgical mistake.

You deserve justice if you've been a victim of professional negligence injuries or accidents. Call Joe today.

You deserve justice after your professional negligence injury or loss. If the intentional actions or negligence of another person has caused injury to you or someone you love, or has led to a loss or damaged property, we can help you seek compensation.

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