Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit

Were you exposed to toxic chemicals? Get a lawyer who fights for veterans.

U.S. Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, their family members, and employees working at the military base or nearby MCAS New River were exposed to hazardous toxic chemicals in contaminated water for over four decades.

These highly toxic chemicals caused severe health problems, including cancer and other serious medical conditions. As a result, if you or a loved one was harmed by these dangerous chemicals, you may be eligible for financial compensation under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which is part of the Honoring Our PACT Act recently signed into law.

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What happened at Camp Lejeune?

Between 1953 and 1987, water wells at Camp Lejeune contained toxic chemicals often linked with serious health problems, including cancer. In some cases, the harmful chemicals and known carcinogens (substances that cause cancer) found in the drinking water at Camp Lejeune were 280 times higher than the acceptable standard safety levels.

Some hazardous chemicals found in Camp Lejeune contaminated water include:

Anyone exposed to these highly toxic chemicals at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 – even for as little as 30 days – may be eligible to file a claim under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. The key is to contact our law firm as soon as possible to find out if you qualify and to let us get started on your case as quickly as possible.

Common Camp Lejeune contaminated water medical problems

Many U.S. Marines, family members, and others exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune and nearby Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River in North Carolina have experienced a wide range of severe and even potentially fatal medical conditions, including:

Many other serious or fatal medical conditions have been linked to exposure to toxic chemicals in contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. If you believe harmful chemicals caused your medical problems, talk to a Camp Lejeune water contamination attorney at our law firm immediately to review your legal rights and options.

Federal law created to protect Camp Lejeune veterans

In August 2022, the Honoring Our PACT Act was signed into law. This federal law includes the Camp Lejeune Justice Act (Bill Number H.R. 2192). These laws give people exposed to harmful chemicals at Camp Lejeune the right to file an injury claim, even if they were exposed to toxic chemicals decades ago.

Before adopting the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, individuals who were harmed by toxic chemicals in the water at Camp Lejeune needed to file an injury claim within 10 years of being exposed to such harmful chemicals. This was due to a state law in North Carolina that placed a 10-year deadline (known as a statute of limitations) for taking legal action in such cases.

The recently approved federal law included in the Honoring Our PACT ACT removes the 10-year deadline. Now, anyone who worked or lived at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987, can file a claim if they were exposed to toxic chemicals found in contaminated water at Camp Lejeune.

Who can file a Camp Lejeune claim?

Anyone seeking compensation for losses due to medical problems caused by toxic chemicals in contaminated water at Camp Lejeune can file a claim against the federal government.

Victims can file a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit or claim against the federal government in any federal court in the United States. In addition, victims do not have to live in North Carolina to take legal action.

Also, any U.S. veterans who successfully obtain damages (the legal term for financial compensation awarded to successful lawsuits) as a result of filing a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit will still be eligible to receive their regular VA benefits. In other words, filing a Camp Lejeune lawsuit will not affect your VA benefits.

What is the average compensation for a Camp Lejeune water contamination?

There’s no set dollar amount regarding what your Camp Lejeune lawsuit could be worth. However, the bottom line is that you should be financially compensated for all your expenses due to medical problems caused by exposure to hazardous toxic chemicals. This can include compensation for:

Remember, filing a civil claim or lawsuit will not affect your eligibility for VA benefits awarded to all U.S. veterans. You can still receive such benefits and compensation awarded for successful Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuits, so it’s really in your best interest to talk to an attorney about your specific situation as soon as possible.

How a water contamination lawyer can help you

Taking on the federal government and seeking financial compensation for exposure to toxic chemicals decades ago is exceptionally complicated. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight this challenging legal battle alone.

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