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Kidney patients who received dialysis may have been exposed to a dangerous product called GranuFlo, which is linked to cardiac arrest and death. The corporation Fresenius Medical Care, which makes GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, another similar dangerous product, is under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration for failing to warn patients about the adverse health risks. Fresenius, which specializes in kidney dialysis supplies, is the world's largest dialysis company and creates a dialysis concentrate that is supplied to patients at its own clinics and sold to doctors and clinics throughout the United States as well as worldwide.

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Dialysis, which is typically necessary for people with kidney problems or kidney failure, is a procedure that clears toxic waste from the blood in patients. GranuFlo and NaturaLyte were used as part of dialysis because the drugs allowed the patient's body to convert an ingredient to bicarbonate. A study, however, discovered a flaw in the design or formulation of the product. The drugs are known to contribute to elevated bicarbonate levels, which may lead to alkalosis, which can cause cardiac arrest, stroke or death.

How we learned these drugs are dangerous

The FDA recalled the Fresenius products after finding out about a leaked internal Fresenius memo. In 2010, company executives of the harmful risks of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte. They informed Fresenius doctors and company clinics, but did not inform others, including its patients, the FDA, or anyone outside of the company. The memos offered alarming information about the dialysis drugs, which contained higher levels of dangerous ingredients than rival products. As a result of the flaw, there was an unusually high number of deaths and cardiac arrest in people who used the Fresenius products. Upon learning about the shocking results of the study, Fresenius should have immediately notified all doctors and patients using the products, as well as the FDA. The company, however, chose not to do so.

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