Exposure to Toxins

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New cases of asbestos-related mesothelioma still arise, even though the dangers of asbestos exposure led to the banning of its use in manufacturing and construction, Similarly, lead-paint poisonings continue to occur, despite the product being off the market for generations. More indicative of the hazards of today's world are cases of toxic mold (or sick building syndrome) that arise due to energy efficiency measures that reduce the exchange of fresh air.

How an attorney can help you in an exposure to toxin case

Your landlord, or the owner of the property or business, has a responsibility to maintain a hazard-free dwelling. If you or a loved one has been injured because of exposure to toxins, you may be entitled to compensation. Turn to the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein.

Other hazardous toxins such as pesticides are widely used every day. A person or company working with a known hazard has a responsibility to follow the established safety procedures for that material. There are procedures and regulations dictating how a material is to be used, removed, stored, and disposed of. You may be surprised how often corners are cut in the removal, storage and disposal of hazardous materials in the home and workplace.

Some examples of toxin exposure include:

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We know that a serious personal injury resulting from toxic exposure is a life-altering event. We hear every day about our clients' hardships when they have lost a loved one or suffered a significant trauma, and see first-hand their physical and emotional pain. That is what focuses our commitment to vigorous legal representation to injury victims in Maine.

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