Domestic Abuse or Violence Caused by Significant Other/Partner

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The conflicted emotional connection between the parties can make partner violence or domestic abuse cases challenging. We know how to get you the justice you deserve. Call Joe at 1-866-275-4563.

Some of the most extreme acts of intentional harm take place between people who are intimately acquainted, often those who share a residence. While statistics indicate that ongoing domestic violence is most frequently committed by men against women, violence that arises in the heat of the moment can be more indiscriminate and can lead to serious injury.

We represent victims in circumstances that include:

It may also be the case that the couple has broken up and may even be estranged. This rift and the related dividing of possessions may provoke one or the other to violence.

Injury from violence can happen to anyone. Our experienced team of attorneys can help. Call Joe today.

You've heard of abuse or violence by significant others and partners happening to others, but never imagined becoming a victim of one. If you are injured, there can be shock over how complicated the process becomes. You may be overwhelmed with medical bills, insurance company paperwork, and police reports. Let our experience guide you. Call Joe today at 1-866-275-4563. Our attorneys have been helping Maine families cope with personal injury cases for four decades.

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