Steps to Avoid Dog Attacks

Observe these measures to avoid dog attacks

  1. No baby or small child should be left unattended with a dog, even one that knows and loves that child. An unpredictable or unintended action of the child, such as grabbing the dog's tail or throwing an object at it can provoke attack.
  2. Never aggravate a dog's aggression if it confronts you.
    • Do not yell.
    • Do not move suddenly or frantically.
    • Do not attempt to "scare it off" by waving your arms or throwing an object.
  3. Never surprise a dog. If it is confined or restrained, does not know you are approaching, or is eating, keep your distance to avoid aggravating its territorial instincts.
  4. Never run past a dog or up to one. You may startle it.
  5. Always allow any dog you approach to sniff your hand before you attempt to pet it.

Dog bites are a terrible misfortune, especially when it could have been prevented. Call our experts today.

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