Rear-End Motorcycle Collisions

Rear-end motorcycle collisions may lead to severe injury

Motorcycle riders who are stopped for a traffic light or slowing down for traffic congestion are at risk of being rear-ended, a dangerous type of collision. A rear-end crash can be especially traumatic for motorcyclists, who lack the protections that individuals have inside a car or a truck.

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Motorcycles Registered in Maine
•	2020 - 61,392 
•	2021 - 59,995 
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

How the insurance companies handle rear-end motorcycle accident cases

In many motorcycle accidents, insurance companies may try to argue the motorcycle rider was someone at fault. Motorcyclists are stereotyped as people who are reckless, which is certainly unfair, especially when they did nothing wrong in an accident.

A rear-end accident in most cases is entirely the fault of the driver who rear-ends the motorcycle. A driver who causes the accident may be driving under the influence (DUI), texting while driving, or otherwise distracted. Even though the facts are clear, a motorcycle accident victim may need a legal advocate who knows how to negotiate a fair settlement or take the case to trial if necessary. The insurance company lawyers may not have the best interest of the accident victim in mind.

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