Truck Accident Risks in Maine Due to Snowy and Icy Conditions

SmartTrucking warns of the dangers of winter accidents for trucks which can occur when drivers do not adjust their driving behavior to account for weather conditions.  Unfortunately, truck crashes are more likely to occur when there is adverse weather and these accidents often happen on highways or other areas where cars are packed tightly together. ...

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Car Accidents Rise Sharply in Maine in 2016

In Maine recently, a 10-vehicle accident resulted in Route 1 being shut down for several hours. The accident, reported by Press Herald, took place when a dump truck overturned. The local police chief called the pileup accident "the largest accident his department has responded to in years."  The crash was under investigation by the Commercial Vehicle Inspection...

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Higher Speed Limits in Maine Increase Car Accident Risks

A law passed in 2013 allowed the Turnpike Authority and the Maine Department of Transportation to change local laws on speed limits. The change could occur as long as the Maine State Police gave their approval. After the passage of this law, Maine Department of Transportation increased the speed limit on several sections of Interstate...

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