Researchers Address Ways to Prevent Drowsy Driving

Portland ME auto accident attorneyA new report by “Sleep Review, The Journal for Sleep Specialists,” underscores the dangers of drowsy driving. It notes sleepy drivers experience impaired:

  • Reaction time
  • Attentiveness
  • Decision-making skills

It’s also important to note that sleep-deprived does not necessarily mean someone who has gone without rest for an extended period of time. According to the American Automobile Association, “just missing two hours of sleep can quadruple a driver’s crash risk.”

The National Highway Safety Administration backs up the warnings with these alarming numbers, saying driver fatigue in 2017 contributed to:

  • 91,000 police-reported crashes
  • Nearly 800 fatalities
  • About 50,000 injuries

Making matters worse, experts agree the actual numbers are much higher. Officially, the government estimates 1-2 percent of accidents involve drowsy drivers but recent research utilizing in-vehicle dash cameras puts the number at 10 percent.

A Wake-Up Call: What Can Be Done?

Researchers from Stony Brook University’s School of Health Technology and Management launched a public awareness campaign about the dangers of drowsy driving, utilizing Facebook and Twitter and a dedicated website,

The four-week project that reached 2,333 people in 30 states found:

  • One percent took a website quiz to assess their sleepiness and risk of falling asleep while driving
  • About 25 percent received moderate to severe sleepiness scores.
  • About 35 percent reported sleepiness during routine activities, such as watching TV or reading.

Don’t Get Tired Fighting the System – Get Even

Public awareness campaigns are a sign of progress, but drowsy drivers continue to pose a danger on the roads and highways of Maine. If you are the victim of an accident caused by a fatigued driver, you could be recovering from injuries, out of work and unable to support your family. Your legal battle could be complicated by the other driver refusing to admit falling asleep behind the wheel. In fact, they may blame you for the crash. An insurance company may try to take advantage of the situation by offering you a settlement that comes nowhere near compensating you for your pain and suffering.

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