Personal Injury Settlements and Awards

Bornstein Settlements & Awards thumbnail$3,750,000 settlement for a client from Bangor. Our client was a healthy man with a young family until a negligent truck driver crossed over the median and struck his vehicle. Upon impact, our client was ejected from his vehicle sustaining life-altering injuries. Along with settling this personal injury claim, we also helped file for Social Security Disability. This case involved a driver from Canada.

$3,240,000 settlement for a client from East Waterboro. At the time of the accident, a volunteer was driving our disabled young client to a day program for disabled adults, when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a utility pole. Our client's injuries were so severe, he spent the rest of his life in a nursing home before passing away.

$2,000,000 settlement for a client from Hampden. A beloved mother and wife was out riding her Can-Am Spyder motorcycle when a car failed to yield at an intersection and hit her. Upon impact with the vehicle, our client was thrown from her motorcycle landing in the road. She was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident but still suffered a traumatic brain injury and will require years of medical treatment.

$915,000 settlement for a client from Arundel. Our client was on the side of the road talking to a neighbor when an oncoming pick-up truck hit her. The driver of the truck was speeding down the road and did not see our client in time to avoid the accident. Because of this careless driver, our client is now unable to walk without assistance and unable to use her right arm.

$552,000 settlement for a client from Lyman. While stopped to make a turn, our client was struck by a Freightliner truck when the driver, blinded by the sun, failed to notice her. The impact of the hit was so severe our client had to be extracted from her vehicle and taken by life-flight to the hospital. She suffered a broken neck, back, and sternum in the accident and later became depressed because she could no longer enjoy the actives she once loved.

$500,000 settlement for a client from Pembroke. On a dark and rainy night, our client drove into the back of an uninspected trailer with no reflectors. Both our client and their child were injured in the accident that could have been prevented with proper safety measures.

$500,000 settlement for 34-year-old client from York County. Defendant driver failed to yield at stop sign in parking lot of big box store and collided into client. Client suffered elbow injury that required multiple surgeries. Medical bills totaled $65,000. Client missed time from work and suffered considerable lost wages that were covered by workers' compensation.

$495,000 settlement for a client from Paris. Our client was on her way to pick up her young autistic son when an oncoming vehicle crossed over the centerline and struck her car.  Our client suffered a fractured knee and ankle, requiring multiple surgeries that not only affected her, but also her ability to care for her child. The driver of the oncoming vehicle was charged with driving under the influence, and a liquor liability claim was filed.

$490,000 settlement for a client from Amherst. Our hardworking, self-employed client was doing construction on a home when the staging set-up that was provided by the homeowner broke.  Our client shattered his pelvis and elbow when he fell to the ground, leaving him with mounting medical bills and without an income while in recovery.

$400,000 settlement for a client from Brunswick. A young driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to light a cigarette. This moment of distraction caused the vehicle to roll over, ejecting our teenage client from the passenger seat. Our client suffered severe physical injuries to her back and shoulder, had to undergo several surgeries due to complications, and emotionally struggled to cope with the accident.

$400,000 settlement for a client from Westbrook. While out driving, our client was involved in a head-on collision when a severely impaired driver crossed over the yellow double line into oncoming traffic. The driver who was responsible for the accident had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .24 and a history of traffic violations. Because of the careless actions of the impaired driver, our client suffered multiple injuries that required years of medical attention.

$367,000 settlement for a client from Springvale. Our client was clearing snow in his driveway after a winter storm when a teenage driver failed to navigate a turn properly and struck our client's snow blower. The impact of the hit caused our client to be thrown backward over a snow pile. Our client suffered permanent damage to his body, altering his once active way of life.

$300,000 settlement for a client from Presque Isle. Our client was an experienced snowmobile rider out for a ride when a speeding snowmobiler on the trail hit him.  Our Client had to be airlifted to the hospital and sustained injuries to his left arm, nerve damage, and broken bones.

$300,000 settlement for a client from Pembroke. A beloved family man was out riding his motorcycle when a careless driver struck him. Our client suffered a severe head injury and later passed away from his injuries. We worked to set up a trust for his family.

$277,372 settlement for a client from Boothbay. While stopped at a four-way stop, our client saw a logging truck in her rearview mirror speeding towards her. Unable to take action in time, she braced for impact and was rear-ended. Because of this carless truck driver, our client suffered back and foot pain that has lowered the quality of her life.

$252,000 settlement for a client from Springvale. A volunteer driver was transporting a severally disabled person to an appointment. As our client exited the car, the driver, distracted by her cellphone, pulled away causing them to fall. The driver did not notice they fell to the ground and drove away, running over his leg in the process. We represented the injured man who suffered a fractured leg in the accident.

$250,000 settlement for a client from Winterport. While our client was out driving for work, a tractor-trailer failed to observe that he was stopped for traffic and slammed into the rear of his truck. Our client suffered a back injury that will be with him for life because of a careless driver.

$200,000 settlement for a client from Sanford. Our client was riding a friend's dirt bike when a distracted driver put his large truck into reverse and began backing out into the road. In an attempt to avoid a collision, our client tried to stop his bike, but his momentum forced him towards the truck.  The driver never saw our client and backed into him. Our client suffered multiple fractures and severe pain all because a driver was on his cellphone.

$180,000 settlement for a client from Pittsfield. An impatient driver of an 18-wheeler merged into our client's lane without a clear path and struck her car. Our client lost control of her vehicle and ended up in the ditch after hitting a tree. This accident caused severe injuries to her body and required a lengthy hospital stay.

$165,000 settlement for a client from Portland. While crossing a busy road at a crosswalk in downtown Portland, our client was hit by an oncoming vehicle. She suffered a broken collarbone and head laceration.  The careless driver was very familiar with the area, having worked on the street for several years.

$160,000 settlement for a client from Orono. Husband and wife were traveling back to Maine from Logan Airport. The husband was driving while his wife (our client) was sleeping in the back. During the late-night drive, the husband fell asleep, losing control of the car causing the vehicle to flip. Our client broke her back in the accident, spent 14 days in the hospital, and was required to wear a body brace for months.

$155,000 settlement for a client from Bowdoin. Our young adult client was being dropped off at home when the driver mistakenly put the car in drive and unknowingly struck her as she walked in front of the vehicle. The driver drove away, leaving our client in the driveway with a broken leg until her mother heard her cry for help.

$150,000 settlement for 51-year-old client from Waldo County. Accident occurred while loading a truck. Torn tendon in arm with surgery. It was alleged that worker from another company was negligent. $23,000 in medical bills paid by client's health insurance. Successful is getting health insurance lien reduced from $23,000 to $8,000.

$145,000 settlement for a client from Litchfield. While out riding his motorcycle, a dog jumped out of a parked car's window and ran into the street.  Unable to avoid the loose dog, our client was thrown from his motorcycle. As a result of the injuries from the accident, our client suffered a loss of income while in recovery.

$132,000 in settlements from combination of liability coverage and coverages under three underinsured motorist policies. 29-year-old client from Cumberland County who was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident that involved a phantom vehicle. Complex insurance issues of stacking of underinsured motorist coverage.

$130,000 settlement for 19-year-old client from mid-coast area of Maine. Defendant driver lost control on snowy and icy roadway and collided into client's vehicle as he was on his way to work. Client fractured his femur; he had surgery and was hospitalized for three days. Excellent recovery with no residual problems. $27,000 in medical bills and $1,500 in lost wages. Medical bills paid by health insurance. Repayment of lien reduced to $12,500.

$102,000 settlement for a client from Old Orchard Beach. A young mother was crossing a busy street when a stopped vehicle suddenly drove through the crosswalk and hit her arm. The impact of the hit caused severe shoulder damage for our client and hindered her ability to care for her child.

$100,000 settlement for a client from Farmington. Our client was stopped at a stop sign preparing to make a left turn. An impaired driver ran a stop sign and struck our client's vehicle. Our client's car was totaled in the accident and she suffered severe neck and back pain. The driver was arrested for OUI.

$100,000 policy limits settlement for 41-year-old client from Androscoggin County. Client suffered back injury in slip and fall on defective stairway when visiting at a friend's house. The railing had become detached and water was allowed to drip on stairs from defective roof gutter. MaineCare paid the majority of the medical bills. Successful in getting $60,000 MaineCare lien reduced to $10,000.

$100,000 settlement for 37-year-old client from Waldo County. Client parked alongside of road talking on cell phone. Defendant driver fell asleep, traveled across the road and hit client head on. MaineCare lien of $13,000 after paying all the medical bills. MaineCare lien reduced to $10,000.

$98,500 settlement for a client from Cumberland. While our client was out enjoying a motorcycle ride on a summer night, a vehicle failed to yield while taking a turn; our client was unable to avoid the car and was struck, totaling his motorcycle. In the accident, our client suffered a severely broken leg that forced him to be bedridden and miss work.

$95,000 settlement for a client from Buxton. Husband and wife both suffered injuries when a young driver failed to yield while making a turn, causing our client to hit the young driver's vehicle. We worked for the wife who suffered a severe leg injury that altered her ability to care for her family.

$90,000 settlement for a client from Rumford. While walking to work early one morning, our client encountered a garbage truck blocking the sidewalk. As he stepped into the street to walk around the truck, it began to reverse and struck him. Due to the carelessness of the driver, our client passed away from his injuries. We worked with the family on the wrongful death claim.

$85,000 settlement for a client from Gorham. While our client was out enjoying a ride on his motorcycle with his wife, an elderly driver failed to yield when she pulled out into the road, and struck the motorcycle. Both our client and his wife were thrown from the motorcycle upon impact and taken to the hospital for their injuries. Because of our client's injuries, this young family had to move back home while they recovered and were unable to work.

$78,000 settlement for a client from Buxton. Our young adult client suffered severe injuries when they were unable to avoid an oncoming vehicle after it crossed into her lane when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Because of this motor vehicle accident, our client had to delay going to college until they were fully healed.

$77,500 settlement for a client from Portland. Our client was seriously injured when an oncoming vehicle crossed into his lane and struck his car. The driver at fault thought he could turn before our client's car would reach him. Because of the carelessness of another driver, our client was unable to care for his young family while recovering from his injuries.

$60,000 settlement for 49-year-old client from Kennebec County who was injured on defective stairs at the premises he was renting. $8,000 in medical bills all paid by MaineCare.

$45,000 settlement for 33-year-old client from Kennebec County. The motor vehicle accident involved five injured passengers from same family. Claim involved sophisticated issues of division of policy limits and underinsured motorist coverage. In addition, $5,000 of the medical bills were paid by medical payments coverage. The remainder of the bills were paid by MaineCare.

$23,000 settlement for 53-year-old client from Somerset County. Client rear ended by driver who had been tailgating her. Client hit head on headrest and developed headaches; also had low back pain. Medical bills all paid by medical payment coverage under client's policy.