Client Testimonials

The following are samples of statements made by actual clients of the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein. In 50 years, we have successfully represented more than 25,000 Mainers in their personal injury and disability claims.

"Nothing was left undone, and you were thorough, accurate, detailed, and understanding." Actual Client, Portland

"You made us feel at home each time we came in." Actual Client, Freeport

"You really understood my situation." Actual Client, South Paris

"I was very impressed by your staff. They were polite, experienced and considerate." Actual Client, Jay

"You took the time to listen." Actual Client, Auburn

"I felt comfortable, and a level of trust was quickly established." Actual Client, Gardiner

"I liked the way my case was handled. You saw it through from beginning to end." Actual Client, Raymond

"Thank you for making a difficult process easier and straightforward." Actual Client, Oxford

"You were always there when I needed you." Actual Client, Chelsea

"You were the only ones who listened and gave us a chance." Actual Client, Lewiston

"Thank you so very much for all you did to help me." Actual Client, Brunswick

"Nothing but professional attitude and atmosphere." Actual Client, Bangor

"You were all very nice and polite." Actual Client, Tenants Harbor

"Thank you all so very much for your help. I couldn't of done it without you." Actual Client, Tenants Harbor

"I like the way you communicate with your clients, very professional." Actual Client, Nobleboro

"Thank you for being compassionate thru my case. You give lawyers a good name." Actual Client, Bar Mills

"You listened and asked questions and seemed very willing to help us." Actual Client, Brooks

"I liked that I was treated respectfully and felt that I mattered." Actual Client, Dartmouth

"I have more confidence in your law firm than god or the government." Actual Client, Waterville

"You really were wonderful and I can't express it enough." Actual Client, Acton

"You were wonderful and truly made me feel like you cared about me and my problems." Actual Client, Brunswick

"I know you were just doing your job, but I felt important, like someone really did care about my situation." Actual Client, Durham

"My whole experience with the firm was wonderful. I liked everything about our interactions." Actual Client, Brunswick

"Your firm is wonderful, you helped me, listened to me and made me feel important like I wasn't just another case because you understood everything I've been going through and you've made my life so much better an so much easier in so many ways." Actual Client, Lewiston

"Liked the fact that when I needed to talk to either an attorney or his case manager they were available." Actual Client, Gorham

"You took everything I said into consideration." Actual Client, Brownfield

"I will definitely refer you to friends." Actual Client, Whitefield

"You really were wonderful and I can't express it enough." Actual Client, Acton

"Thank you for making a very difficult process much easier and less stressful." Actual Client, Oxford

"It was nice to work with a law firm that is friendly, helpful, and on top of things." Actual Client, Standish

"Thanks Joe Bornstein. Your services are great and I would recommend you to anyone needing legal advice. I won't hesitate to call if I need your services again." Actual Client, Saco

"I really felt that you understood my problems and how those problems were disabling." Actual Client, Portland

"Words could never express how much you've helped me and how grateful I am for everything you've done for me. Your law firm is so helpful caring and compassionate." Actual Client, Lewiston

"Hi Joe, just wanted to take the time to give you and Stephanie a big THANK YOU for all you both did on helping me settle on what I deserved. I truly appreciate all you did. I am so happy we made the decision to have you as my lawyer, because the person that was with me in my car has still not settled. Thank you both for everything and you can bet I will refer you to my loved ones and friends." Actual Client, Naples

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Joe Bornstein and his staff." Actual Client, Biddeford

"In dealing with Mr. Bornstein for the time that I have, and what the law firm has done for me, I know I went with the best." Actual Client, Bridgton

"I have the up most confidence in your services, and tell everyone how much you've helped me and made my life so much better." Actual Client, Lewiston

"I thought you provided exactly what I needed, were very professional and treated me with respect. I will continue to recommend you to others." Actual Client, Buckfield