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Each year, truck accidents cause thousands of fatalities and tens of thousands of serious injuries nationwide. In Lewiston, Maine, where the highways can get congested with big rigs, 18-wheelers, dump trucks and other commercial vehicles, trucking accidents are not uncommon.  It's important to contact a Lewiston truck accident lawyer if you or a loved one was injured or killed in a semi truck accident. At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, a truck accident attorney will inform you about your rights and discuss the best way to proceed.

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Our attorneys have seen first-hand the devastating impact of truck accidents on I-95, Route 202, Route 196 or 126 and other roads around Androscoggin County. We know that injuries from a big rig accident in Lewiston can be catastrophic, due to the forces involved in the crash. An 18-wheeler accident may involve broken bones, burns or brain injuries, to name a few examples of devastating injuries. The cause of the accident may be difficult to determine. You will need an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer who can pore over accident reports, interview witnesses and hold the responsible individual or parties accountable.

With an experienced trucking accident attorney in Lewiston on your side, you can take a step closer to getting compensation for your losses. Our truck accident attorneys are well-versed in Maine and federal laws and know how to deal with the insurance companies.

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Whether the accident was due to weather conditions, speeding, or other reckless behavior, you deserve to be fairly compensated if you were injured or lost a loved one. For a free consultation, don't hesitate to contact our Lewiston office. We are on your side. Call or contact us online today.