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From I-95 to I-395, the roads and highways in Bangor are used daily by many commercial trucks, or 18-wheelers. The semi trucks can pose a significant threat to other drivers when the trucker is exhausted or is distracted. Unfortunately, trucking accidents in Bangor can happen to anyone, at any time. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a Bangor trucking accident, an attorney with our firm has the experience and resources to put to work for you.

For a free consultation, call Joe Bornstein's Bangor office. Our truck accident lawyers in Bangor understand how to put all the pieces together for clients who need skilled representation. A truck accident personal injury case can be complex due to the often serious injuries involved. Our attorneys thoroughly understand Maine law and federal truck regulations.

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An accident involving a small passenger car and a multi-ton truck typically results in major damage to the car and injuries to the occupants, while the trucker may walk away without a scratch.

Causes of a truck accident in Bangor can vary and may include truck driver fatigue, poorly maintained streets, an overloaded truck or a trucker who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Our Bangor truck accident attorneys are prepared to investigate every circumstance surrounding your 18-wheeler crash. We will determine who caused the accident and hold the negligent parties accountable. We also handle other types of accidents and legal cases, including Bangor car accidents.

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