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If you have a work history, you have paid into the Social Security system. After years of paying into the system, it's not fair when the government tries to block you from getting benefits if you suffer a disability. That's why you need a Social Security Disability lawyer. With our firm on your side, an experienced attorney will help you pursue the results you deserve.  At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, a Sanford Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer will put experience and resources to work for Mainers with disabilities and medical conditions that limit the ability to work. For a free consultation, contact a SSDI lawyer in Sanford today. Call Joe.

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We are skilled at handling SSDI claims for Sanford residents. You can rely on an experienced attorney if your claim was denied in Sanford. Keep in mind that most initial claims are rejected by the Social Security Administration. With a tough-minded disability lawyer in Sanford on your side, you can boost your chance of getting desired results.

Our success rate stems from our deep knowledge of the federal laws and complex Social Security rules and regulations. You need an attorney in Sanford who knows how to submit the proper paperwork, which may include medical records, statements from doctors and your employers. You need an attorney who will meet the deadlines and persuasively state your case to the government.

When you need an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer in Sanford, you can rely on the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein.

Contact a Sanford SSDI lawyer.  Call Joe!

Call our firm now to see how we can help. A Sanford SSDI attorney can protect your rights and fight aggressively for the benefits you deserve. Call 866-275-4563 or contact us online. Tell them you mean business.

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