Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Costly Injuries in Maine

Maine motorcycle accident lawyerMotorcycle accident victims often sustain serious injuries that are costly to treat. Getting those costs covered can be challenging, so it is essential for families to explore options for making an injury claim.

If someone else was to blame for the accident, victims of the collision can make an insurance claim against the person who was responsible. This means a motorcycle accident victim could make an insurance claim against other drivers who caused the accident. If a motorcycle driver was unreasonably careless or broke the rules of the road and caused a crash, the passenger on the bike could also potentially pursue a claim against the driver for damages. 

One tragic motorcycle accident in Maine shows how expensive motorcycle crashes can be. Bangor Daily News reported on the crash involving a 23-year old man and his 22-year-old girlfriend.

The man and his girlfriend were riding the motorcycle along with a group of friends. He lost control of the motorcycle near Pleasant Hill Drive and the motorcycle ended up crossing over the center line and striking another car. Both the motorcycle driver and his girlfriend were badly hurt. The motorcycle driver lost a part of his leg, while his girlfriend sustained a brain injury and a broken leg.  Her mother established a Facebook page to keep friends and family updated on the recovery process.

The girlfriend who had been on the back of the motorcycle was finally released from Eastern Maine Medical Center, but she had to be moved to a rehab center and will need ongoing care. The community has come together to try to raise money for the couple. A dinner fundraiser at a local restaurant raised $8,903, a Dairy Queen donated $3,000, and a T-shirt campaign generated $2,000. There is also a benefit barbecue scheduled and a dance performance at a local high school had a raffle table to raise money to pay for medical care.

Struggling to pay for treatment is the last thing families need to do when loved ones suffer serious motorcycle accident injuries. The focus should be on getting the best possible care, and victims need to explore whether anyone was to blame for the accident. It is often a good idea for a victim passenger to make an insurance claim against a motorcycle driver, even if the driver was a friend or boyfriend, because it is the insurance company which will ultimately pay for damages and not the driver personally.

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