Injuries Resulting in Deafness

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If another's negligence has led to severe hearing loss, contact our offices right away at 1-866-275-4563. Our aggressive attorneys will fight for your rights to recover damages suitable to the degree of change such an injury has rendered on your life.

An injury that results in deafness can be caused by damage directly to the aural canal. A foreign object penetrating the canal or intense and sudden pressure, as in an explosion at a construction site, can damage the canal. Deafness can also result from indirect trauma to skull, as may occur in a car accident.

Industrial workers may suffer noise-related hearing problems, such as tinnitus and industrial deafness or noise-induced hearing loss.

Deafness as a result of injury may render a person unable to work and can force other adaptations to be made around his or her house that may come at considerable expense.

Injuries resulting in deafness are a terrible misfortune, especially when it could have been prevented. Call our experts today.

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