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At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, if you were injured and became disabled, you may need an experienced attorney to help you get the benefits you deserve. But first you likely have questions. We have your answers below. This FAQ page is designed to help you learn a little more about the government disability programs and how our attorneys can help.

If you need immediate assistance, call us. We will answer your questions free of charge and help you determine your options.

What are common disabilities that qualify for benefits?

The list is lengthy and spelled out by the Social Security Administration. In the listing of impairments, the SSA describes varies disabilities. Essentially, if you have a condition such as a physical or mental impairment that leaves you unable to work, you may qualify. But you must be dealing with a long-term impairment (at least a year or more) or a permanent disability that prevents you from doing any type of work.

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Why would I need an attorney to apply for benefits?

You might have heard that you don't need an attorney to apply for disability benefits. You then might think you can quickly file your application on your own to save a little money. The big problem here is that nothing is quick with the disability application process. You need to complete piles of paperwork and gather your medical documents and personal information. It's not unusual to make mistakes when filling out these forms. You then might become one of the 65 percent or so of applicants who get a denial notice. But working with an attorney, you can leave the details to your lawyer. The attorney can review your information and make sure you have not left out any important details. Simply put, you will increase your chances of getting approved by hiring a lawyer.

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Do I qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?

If you have recently worked in a job and paid payroll taxes and then you were disabled, you may need to pursue an SSDI claim.

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What are my chances of getting approved for benefits?

Unless you have a very grave condition, you may end up submitted an application for benefits that gets denied. In fact, statistics show that about 65 percent of all claims are denied. To improve your chances of getting the results you need, you should make sure your application is complete and all your medical documentation is included. We recommend talking to an attorney who can help with this oftentimes difficult process.

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How much do I have to pay for an attorney?

It goes without saying that disabled people who can't work don't have much money to spend on an attorney. That's why most disability lawyers - including those at the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein - don't charge anything upfront. If you hire us, you will get an experienced attorney who will work hard to help you get benefits. And your attorney will get paid a portion of your back pay after you obtain your benefits. You get to keep all of your future benefits.

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